This is a recent series of large-scale portraits painted in watercolor.  These works discuss a metaphysical perspective on the human condition, through an exploration of visual cues that suggest levitation. Individuals and objects portrayed in these paintings seem to be experiencing a type of liberation from the most basic human constraint, the reality of gravity. Watercolor paper is stretched to a full sheet of plywood and painted on an easel. This vertical surface not typical for watercolor, allows the painting to drip, acting as a reminder of the downward force that each figure transcends.

While they are in a literal sense uplifting, many suggest a dichotomy between freedom and constraint, and it is difficult to tell if figures are floating fluidly or frozen in space, somehow trapped in an odd metaphysical environment.  The paintings highlight a tension between opposing forces, and are intended to allow their viewers to interpret their visual cues as metaphorical of the modern human condition: absurdity and reason, chaos and order, privilege and plight.


This exhibition also featured additional elements related to the theme, supporting ready made sculptures, art historical references and installations, and an eclectic mix of noise making audio and video equipment in collaboration with performers Video Destroyer, Jamie Junction, Dario RE and Dylan Stiegemeier of The Theodores.  


Video Destroyer (Chris Dreyer)

Jamie Junction:

Dario Re:

Dylan Stiegemeier: